Guiding principles

B’VM is a consultancy firm specialising in non-profit organisations. Our many years of experience are brought to bear in a variety of education and training offerings and also in the administration of offices (service mandates).

By “non-profit organisations” we mean associations, foundations, cooperatives, professional bodies, public administrations and social service providers.

  • We support non-profit organisations whatever their aims or their ideological, religious and political outlook.
  • With each client, we build a custom-made solution for their needs, rather than providing a single standard solution.
  • It is our responsibility to deliver efficient project work on time and within budget and to present the best possible bases for decisions.
  • We work primarily according to the principles of project-related consultancy. This makes it possible to overcome resistance. The chances of acceptance and achievement are increased.
  • For every project, we appoint a project leaderas a point of contact for the client and as a link to other members of the B'VM team.
  • Our staff fulfil the duties assigned to them in the client's interest. By means of external further training and regular peer consulting, B'VM project managers achieve a high quality of consultancy quality and methodology.