Controlling and accounting

Thinking of your various stakeholder groups:

  • Are your balance sheet and income statement transparent?
  • Does your accounting follow professional reporting recommendations?
  • Are your annual report and accounts informative?

Do your board and management know:

  • Which activities break even, are profitable or loss-making?
  • What marginal income is generated?
  • What room for manoeuvre you have?
  • Which indicators contribute to a better understanding of events, and how they do so?

In a time of clear-cut cost-benefit thinking, management must know and be able to justify to the various stakeholder groups (members, donors, public authorities) what money is spent on, how much is available at a given time, and how economically and effectively services are produced.

Starting from the information required by the governing bodies, management and other groups within and outside your organisation, we monitor the conceptual structuring and development of budgeting, cost and performance accounting, financial planning, investment policy, key figure systems and efficiency indicators, together with their concrete implementation.