Communication and PR

Does your organisation have:

  • Systematically-planned and intensive information and communication relationships with your relevant stakeholder groups?
  • Guidelines for every public appearance, since every time you provide a service or facilitate an event, your organisation will be commented on, either directly or indirectly?
  • The ability to react rapidly to enquiries?
  • Information, communication and public relations skills that are permanently on-stream and able to keep up with events?

Within the organisation, the aim of integrated communication is two-fold: to inform full-time and volunteer staff of current developments, goals and achieved results, and to find out from members and staff how satisfied they are and what exactly they need. Externally, it helps the organisation to create a presence and a profile, and to build and maintain interest, acceptance and a positive feeling for your organisation and activities in all stakeholder groups. It also supports political or principled positions in the public sphere and in the media.

Using a broad spectrum of methods, we analyse your information, communication and public relations work in terms of its effectiveness when compared with your strategic and operational goals. With you, we create appropriate design plans and help you implement them.